Hofmeister’s Steps to Energy Security–Last of 4

If you follow this blog, you have seen that we have been blogging on the remarks that Shell Oil Co. president John Hofmeister gave on Monday this week at the National Press Club.

His last recommendation is to teach young people about energy. At NAM and The Manufacturing Institute, we have a particular interest in giving young people the tools they need to succeed. It has the potential to change the way we use energy in the United States. Just like kids need to know more about how the economy works and the careers that are available to them, this is an excellent suggestion that every school board in the country should implement. He says, “I don’t think we fully understand, as Americans, where energy comes from, how hard it is to produce it, and how challenging it is to sustain that level of production. And we should be having a debate that is informed by people knowing more than they know today, starting with schoolchildren and moving through the generations.

“I think the time has come for the Education Department to recommend to the state school superintendents of the nation that energy become a part of the curricula in our nation’s schools in the same way that history and science and civics and math are part of our curricula, because, ladies and gentlemen, we have developed a lifestyle that is predicated on energy.”

NAM and the Institute are strong advocates of more math and science in the schools already and this should be included with it. To check out the NAM/Institute Dream It. Do It. program that points kids in the direction of learning more math and science so they can have rewarding marnufacturing careers, click here.