Government Grant to NPR a Head-Scratcher

By October 15, 2006General

Thanks to our friend Patrick Gavin over at Fishbowl DC, via our pal Howard Mortman at Extreme Mortman, for picking up this gem.

The reliably lefty NPR announced that it has landed a grant from the Department of Education — whose mission presumably is to educate young people, but no matter — “to develop accessible radio technology for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or visually impaired.” [Emphasis ours.]

This is radio, people.

And why do we care? Dunno, just seems like a bad use of government money. And, the Department of Education should spend every cent they have making sure that kids are ready for the workplace of the 21st Century. We manufacturers are the big end user of what the schools are cranking out, remember. Not all of them are coming prepared these days.

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