Global Warming: The Mainstream Media Ignores the Bigger Stories

By October 23, 2006Global Warming

Of course this story made the AP wire (and Drudge), while bigger stories — here and here — that bucked the hysteria were ignored.

Now, thanks to our friend Professor Bob Carter, we’ve found another one. At the recent EU summit, Czech President Vaclav Klaus first made a pitch for nuclear energy, lamenting its absence in the EU energy plan. Boy, can we sympathize. Then he went on to address the issue of global arming, saying:

“…The future discussion on the EU’s energy policy…should be conducted on the basis of rational considerations about possible connections of the energy industry and climatic changes.’ He said at the press conference that ‘what is concisely referred to as global warming, is a fatal mistake of the present time.’ Klaus said that first a reply must be given to the question whether something like this does exist, and if it does, whether it is connected with human activities. ‘And if any movement in temperatures does occur, and it will in any case be x-times smaller than what some bearers of disastrous news claim, will it be any problem for man?'” Klaus said.”

Who is Vaclav Klaus, you ask? Here’s a link to his bio. You’ll see he’s a pretty smart guy who came from a career in economics and finance before becoming President. He clearly is skeptical, doesn’t buy into the herd mentality.

In other words, don’t go looking for this story in the WaPo, either.

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  • Bruce Mode says:

    On the other hand if anyone accepts out of hand the ‘consensus’ view, as espoused by the MSM and similar ilk, that global warming is primarily caused by human activities, ignoring the obvious like Mars experiencing ‘global warming’ too, then they haven’t done their homework either. There are too many credible scientists who disagree with the ‘consensus’ but there are many who will only read what they want instead of digging for the truth. You can add me to the “Holocaust Deniers” list started by Ellen Goodman… a demagogic attempt to suppress free speech on the subject.

  • Scott McGraw says:

    Anyone who still doubts that the globe is warming and that human activity is responsible for a serious percentage of the warming has not done their homework. Don’t blame the scientists for the failure of the media to adequately explain the science.

    Shame on the NAM for adding to the denials.

  • Michael Zak says:

    While Finance Minister of Czechoslovakia, so brilliant was Vaclav Klaus that he said the day his country had enterprise zones would be the day he resigned. Why? Because, he explained, the entire country should be an enterprise zone!