Gas Prices: Al Gore Piles On

By October 10, 2006Energy

Further to our post of yesterday and the day before, citing the WaPo and the New York Times, respectively as looking one-dimensionally at the price of gas, Al Gore is now weighing in. California, the state that seems intent on committing economic suicide, has a ballot initiative, Proposition 87, which would raise taxes on oil producers in order to reduce the state’s gas consumption. So of course, it would chase producers out of the state, driving down supply. Figuring constant or rising demand and guess where prices go? Sometimes we wonder if any of these folks ever took economics. The hardest hit would be the poor and middle class, manufacturers and transportation sectors. How dumb. Guess nobody in California cares about these folks. Surely the enviros don’t.

In any event, Al Gore is doing a commercial supporting Prop 87. Of course he is. He’s been misguided for a long time. Taxing our way to energy independence seems like a fine idea to Al, no doubt. Only problem is, it doesn’t work. Why isn’t he out stumping for increased supply of all sources of energy? Maybe he’s not all that interested in solving the problem.

Not sure who numbers these propositions, but it seems to us that “86” would have been a better number for this Proposition, in that if it passes, it will most likely 86 what’s left of the California economy.