Friday Follies: Stop Hiding, Start Living

By October 13, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesSomebody sent us this audio file, picked up our spirits a bit. It’s a short ad and a much longer warning. “Do you have feelings of inadequacy?” it asks. “Do you suffer from shyness? Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive?” Hey’ we’ve all been there.

But not to worry, there is a cure-all, and it’s one we all know. In fact, some of us have even tried it and can attest to its magical powers. But it is not without risks, as you’ll hear in the disclaimer. Our favorite? “It may make you think you’re whispering when you’re not.” Yeah, we’ve been there, too.

Click here to hear this week’s Friday Follies. Stop hiding, start living.

Oh, and of course, drink responsibly.

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  • Who says legal reform can’t be fun?! Did anyone else notice that the warning at the end of the ad is twice as long as the ad? Talk about art imitating life!

    This reminded me of the guy who sued a beer company for false advertising claiming emotional distress from the implicit promises in their ads. Seems the success with women that he thought the ads promised didn’t come true for him. True story!!