Friday Follies: Lose the Suit, Buy the Bib

By October 6, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThe 21st century has seen lots of workplace changes. One of the leading examples is the rise in the number of people who work from home. (Saw a great Dilbert cartoon years ago, where Dilbert was just sitting at his desk wondering, “When I work from home , should I give my employer 8 hours or only the 2 productive hours I wold have spent at work….?”) But we digress.

But life goes on. With the advance of another trend, teleconferencing (the new MacBook is the bomb for this), what’s a work-at-home guy to do? There you are in a t-shirt bearing the name of your college, or the corner pub, or the legend “I’m With Stupid,” and the boss schedules a video conference with all the top brass? What do you do when these trends collide?

Now, thanks to the Business Bib, you have no worries. For the cost of a moderately-priced suit, you can have exactly the top half of a suit, and look damn good on that teleconference. TV anchors can use it, too. They’ve been wearing shorts and jeans for years, but now they can go one better with the Business Bib.

Click here to see the many styles in their showroom (the narratives are worth the visit), and choose one that’s right for you. Click here to see their bit on “Good Morning America.” Thanks to our RedState buddy Clayton Wagar for pointing us in this direction.

Like they say, “If you want sleeves, go out and buy a suit.” But who needs sleeves? Have Business Bib, will travel. Or not.