Follies Bonus: Legal Bunk

By October 6, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesCouldn’t pass this one up. It’s been making the rounds this week and we just couldn’t resist.

This is a legal case brought by a 21 year-old senior, a mere nine months from graduation at the estimable Stockton State College in the Cradle of Civilization itself. He was sleeping in the top bunk of a bunk bed when his pager went off. He didn’t hear it, his roommate did. The roommate requested that the plaintiff answer his pager — nicely, we assume. This is New Jersey, after all, pantheon of manners.

Said the plaintiff, “When he yelled over to me to wake up, or, you know, get up, I was startled, and I — the next thing I knew, I was — I fell off the bed, I was on the floor.”

We’ve all been there.

He of course sued the bunk bed manufacturer and was awarded almost $180,000 by a Garden State jury. We figure he should have sued Isaac Newton while he was at it, as — check our facts here — he’s the guy who invented gravity, right? Remember the apple thingy? Since Newton, things dropped from a higher point tend to fall to a lower point, assuming there’s nothing in the way to stop them. That’s sure what happened here. And why not sue the pager company? The roommate? The linoleum maker, for not making a more comfy floor for falling objects and students?

Here’s a link to an absolutely hilarious take on this case by William W. Bedsworth, an Associate Justice of the California Court of Appeal.

And next time, take the bottom bunk, OK?

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  • Barry Schwartz says:

    Read the “Bunk Bed” story, and wasn’t surprised since frivolous lawsuits have become America’s 2nd favorite pastime.
    Indeed, in the life-imitates-art-imitates-life department, there’s a great new boardgame called SO SUE ME! that spoofs such loopy litigation. I’ve played it and have also given it as gifts to my lawyer friends.

  • Michael Zak says:

    Gravity – not just a good idea, it’s the law.