Election by Litigation

By October 22, 2006General

We mentioned that last week we were lucky enough to get invited to an event that featured John Fund of the Wall Street Journal providing some political insights for some communications folks — and a few w bloggers. He was good, smart and entertaining, However, he made a comment there that may be obvious but hadn’t struck us until we heard him mention it. In response to the obligatory question asking him to prognosticate about the outcome of he election, me mentioned that inf act, we may not know the outcome of the election the day — or days — following Election Day, that in fact some close races (and there may be many) could be tied up in the courts for days, weeks or months — “election by litigation.” Oh, great. Just what we need, more lawyers involved in the election process.

Turns out Fund was prescient in that on Thursday, this article ran in the New York Times, foreshadowing the substance of Fund’s prophecy.

Stay tuned.