Dobbs Watch: Lou, Your Partisanship is Showing….

By October 20, 2006Dobbs Watch

Dobbs WatchAs if Lou Dobbs’ partisanship wasn’t clear by now, he cemented his street cred with the Democrats in his latest salvo, his “War on the Middle Class” special earlier this week. (This also happens to be the title of his new pre-election book. For the record, we think it’s highly inappropriate and tacky to use your gig to shamelessly plug your own book.) Remember he did his level best to help failed Presidential candidate John Kerry with his steady drumbeat about outsourcing in those days, an issue that vanished once the election passed and Kerry went back to, uh, running for President.

In any event, Lou’s at it again, took some weird gratuitous shot at us along the way. (Doesn’t make a lot of sense from the transcript, but then he seldom does), but seemed to be making the point that we represent big business or something. Lou, fire your fact checker! Better still, hire one. Two-thirds of our members are small or medium manufacturers. And y’know what? They export their stuff all over the world, or they sell to someone who does. Not to ruin your day, Lou but know something else? Trade agreements open markets to their goods, too. Sorry to wreck your buzz. Hate to ruin a good story.

In any event, the non-partisan Business and Media Institute have documented some of his more blatant and partisan errors here and here. They only have so much time and space, can’t document ’em all. Expect to see Lou in ever-higher dudgeon between now and Election Day.

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  • Steve says:

    Pat, I am amazed that you watched the Lou Dobbs’s special. I reckoned it would be a waste of time; thus, I didn’t watch.


  • Capitalist Academician says:

    Pat – I caught the first two segments (thank you, XM satellite radio) of this “show” on the way home that night. Not only did this pompous windbag intimate that NAM and the USChamber are the mouthpieces for big business, he also did a shoddy job of interviewing his guests (preferring to make a statement rather than ask a question), he also had “town hall” audience members ask banal questions and banal guests offer banal answers. It was a waste of time, so I tuned into some blistering hard rock and tried not to think of what an idiot Dobbs has become. Honestly.