Do Your Representatives Support Manufacturing or Just Talk a Good Game?

By October 3, 2006General

There’s really only one way to find out….

Today we officially release the NAM Vote Ratings for the 109th Congress. It went out to every NAM member yesterday, and every Member of Congress has received a letter notifying them of their vote rating, and enclosing our cost study. Those who vote with us 70% of the time or more — regardless of party — win our Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence. Remember, we don’t have a PAC. We still believe politics is about people.

And so this year, a total of 224 Members of the House of Representatives and 52 Senators — Democrats and Republicans alike — will win the award. OF those, 106 House members and 20 Senators scored a perfect 100% rating.

Here in Washington, folks like to tell you what you want to hear. And so when you meet with your Senators or Member of Congress, they’ll look you in the eye, give you the handshake, pat you on the back and say, “I’m with you.” Only trouble is, not all of them are telling the truth. In fact, of the House Manufacturing Caucus that was formed a year ago, fully a third of them had NAM Vote Ratings of 10% or less. They’d all tell you, “I’m with you.” But they ain’t.

A word on the ratings: Unlike some groups — like the AFL-CIO, for example — these determinations are not made by staff. They are done by manufacturers who are part of a Key Vote Committee — large and small manufacturers in equal numbers. We tabulate them, that’s all. They make the determination. And so you’ll not see any social issues on here, only roll-up-the-sleeves issues of importance to manufacturers. It’s all transparent. You can see the votes on which Congress is rated and judge for yourself.

With the elections a little over a month away and with all Members of Congress back in the district, you’re gonna hear a lot of them tell you, “I’m with you.” Are they?

Click here to find out. And pass it along to your employees. They’ll appreciate the information. Time to hold your elected officials accountable.