Cool Stuff Being Made: Video of how the USS George H. W. Bush (CVN 77) Was Made

By October 7, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

ussghwb.jpgApropos of our trip today, we thought we’d show you some clips of how the US Navy’s newest ship, the USS George H. W. Bush, was made. This is a ship with a four and a half acre flight deck. These videos are done — courtesy of the good folks at NAM Member Northrop-Grumman — in pieces:

Click here to see a short piece on the keel laying ceremony. Click here to see the lower bow lift and click here to see the upper bow lift. Putting the “island house” in place is also an engineering feat. Click here to see that. And finally, click here for a short 4-minute video of the whole process. The ship’s designer talks about some of the new designs of the ship here.

Again, we will file a full report on our return from this event, but we thought you might be interested in getting a little flavor for what goes into making a ship of this size. The parts you see weigh not pounds but many, many tons. Says the former President and the ship’s namesake, these are “the best shipbuilders, the best workers in the country.” Indeed they are, Mr. President, and the best manufacturers in the world. As he says in conclusion, “May she have smooth seas and following winds, and if called upon to fight, will fight with honor.”

Watch the USS George H. W. Bush being made, and feel a very patriotic manufacturing vibe.

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