Cool Stuff Being Made: How Running Shoes Are Made – New Balance

By October 28, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

shoe.jpgJust in time for Sunday’s Marine Corps Marathon, we have a video this week on how running shoes are made (amazing how we time these videos, eh?).

The NAM actually has an interest in this race, as one of our very own, Patricia Navin-Greenfield, will be running the marathon tomorrow. Good luck Patricia! The Blogger’s Apprentice plans on running 8-10 miles of the race as well (along side a first-time runner friend.

For a description of this week’s video, we turn to another runner-extraordinaire, the NAM’s J.P. Fielder, who has this to say about this week’s video:

26.2, it may be an arbitrary number to some but it’s a goal to many. The 26.2 miles of a marathon leave runners depending on one item, their shoes. Twenty-five different New Balance employees construct each of their shoes from 27 different components to provide a lightweight cushion throughout a race. Shorten the distance or eliminate all of the pain but it will put that goal within reach. The cutting and stitching has to be perfect, if it’s off by even a few millimeters the shoe won’t fit right.

In this video you’ll see not only the history of the company but also how each shoe is put together: from the cutting, print fit, embroidery, clothing and finally the assembly area. The video interviews a number of people on the manufacturing line, one of which remarks that their passion is, “turning dreams into reality.” Sounds a lot like Dream It. Do It., eh? You’ll also see some pretty sophisticated CAD designers helping make the shoes (yeah–there’s a place for graphic designers in manufacturing too!).

Click here to see this week’s video on how New Balance Shoes Are Made and feel the running manufacturing vibe.

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