Cool Stuff Being Made: How Beer Is Made at Home – Sam Adams

By October 19, 2006General

samadams.jpgHappy Oktoberfest! In honor of this month-long celebration (which actually occurs in September in Munich — but who’s counting?) we have a special bonus edition of on how beer is made.

Resident NAM Brewmeister Bob Shepler heard that we were gonna celebrate Oktoberfest in style on CoolStuffBeingMade so he’s decided to write our introduction:

Watching this video of how to make home-brew brought me back to the days of college when my roommate and I made several batches of home-brew. We bought a kit, a book and kept notes about the beers that we made. We had great success and made several different kinds of beer including ales, IPA’s, a German style alt beer, a stout and even a mead made from honey! Making home-brewed beer is just as easy as following the 11 steps described by Samuel Adams’ founder Jim Koch in this video. With a little patience and practice, who knows, you might be the next micro-brew to become famous!

Of special note is that Sam Adams actually makes a seasonal Oktoberfest brew. So, kick back and — if you’re over 21– enjoy a virtual frosty one on the NAM. Click here to watch this fascinating video courtesy of Sam Adams and Lester Jones of the Beer Institute.