Christening of the USS GHW Bush, CVN-77

By October 6, 2006General

Tomorrow we have the honor of attending the christening of the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the USS George H. W. Bush, CVN-77, at the Northrop-Grumman facility in Newport News, Virginia. We’ve never been to one of these before and it’s a great honor to be invited. Here’s a link to the main site that’ll give you some facts about the ship and the event — and even a bit about the history of ship christenings, some 4,000 years old. It’ll even tell you a little about the old man himself, in whose Administration we had the privilege of serving.

Here’s a link to the live webcast (see if you can spot the blogger-in-chief in the crowd) of the entire event, starting at 10 a.m. EDT. They advise you to be on line by 9:30 if you plan on watching the webcast.

We’ll be filing a “Report from America” upon our return.