California Says, ‘Bring a Worm to Work’

By October 15, 2006General

Just when we thought California couldn’t get any wackier, with Fidel Lockyer as their Attorney General and with Arnold signing bad bills left and right. comes this item from ABC News.

“Always on the cutting edge of all things environmental,” says the story, “California is encouraging public and private-sector employees to bring worms to work so that the creatures can chew up apple cores, sandwich scraps and other lunch leftovers and produce compost.” It doesn’t stop there, however. Read on: “The employees are then invited to take the stuff home and use the all-natural fertilizer in their gardens and on their houseplants.”

You’ve got to be kidding.

Even California’s Integrated Waste Management Board (Yes, they have an agency for everything), has on its website a “Top 10 Ways to Recycle at the Office” and right there, prominently featured at #2 is “Keep Worms in Your Office.” (What if you already work with some….?) That site sends you to yet another site that tells you how to start a worm bin. Keep in mind, gang, that all these websites are written and maintained by some state employee somewhere.

Says “Green Yes” on their website, “If only every office did this.”

If only.

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  • Tom Tanton says:

    well, what’s to be DOONE with the worms? I guess they are to be fed to all the “turkeys” working for the State Gov. 😉