Been Abducted by Extraterrestrials? Help Is On The Way!

By October 15, 2006General

Just in case there are still a few of you out there with a shred of faith in the trial bar, this oughta fix it.

Germany has a law that grants kidnap victims the right to compensation by the state, sort of a worker’s comp for kidnap victims. OK, so far , so good (?). Now comes an enterprising German lawyer, one Jens Lorek, who intends to use the law to compensate any Germans who have been abducted by aliens. And we don’t mean “aliens” as in “foreigners.” We mean “aliens” as in this kind of alien. Outer space. Area 51. ET. That kind of alien. Alrighty then.

“There’s quite obviously demand for legal advice here,” Lorek is quoted as saying in this story. “The trouble is, people are afraid of making fools of themselves in court.” Apparently that fear doesn’t translate to their lawyer.

Dare we say it? “Beam me up, Scotty!”