ATRA: Cook County a ‘Judicial Hellhole’

By October 24, 2006Briefly Legal

Thanks to NAM alum Darren McKinney of the American Tort Reform Association for sending this along. The ATRA, as you may know, is famous for issuing its “Judicial Hellhole” designations each year. It ain’t’ exactly a list you want your county to be on, believe us.

Well, today ATRA took the message directly to one of those Hellholes, Cook County, Illinois. They arranged for a truck to drive around the county for the next two weeks with alternating messages about the county’s woeful legal climate. For any county that wants to attract economic investment, of course, this kind of climate is deadly. So here are signs one, two and three — all pretty direct, all driving home the point that legal abuse is a drag on the economy. If you’re a business looking to locate a new facility, looks like it might be a good idea to avoid Cook County.

Congrats to ATRA for continuing to aggressively push the cause of legal reform.