Al Stimac: One Man Can Make A Difference

By October 2, 2006General

At the NAM Board Meeting last week in DC, we ran into one of our favorite Board Members, Al Stimac of Metal Essence in Orlando, Florida. We’ve written about Al here before, and even ran a poster of him. He’s a great American success story, immigrating here from Croatia and working his way up to owning his own successful manufacturing company, exporting all over the world.

But Al’s not content to stop there. He has been a real leader in his home state of Florida, has been a d riving force behind establishing the Manufacturers Association of Florida and now serves as its President. They have an activist legislative agenda and as you can see from this slide, in 2006, they had a pretty good run. Not bad for the early days of their efforts. Al’s had a great relationship with Gov. Jeb Bush and has worked to keep manufacturing front and center on the state’s agenda. Here’s a great article by Al that ran in the Orlando Business Journal.

In any event, Al spoke about his efforts at the Board meeting last week and we were reminded once again that one man, one person, one manufacturer can have a huge impact on the world. Florida is a large state, and Metal Essence is a small manufacturing company. But Al’s strength is in his tenacity and his ability to galvanize others and move them in a positive direction for manufacturing. At the end of the day, manufacturing is better off in Florida. We have far to go, but we’re off to a good start.

We only need 49 more people like Al, and all would be well.