‘Al Gore’s Movie Meets its Match in Stockholm’

By October 14, 2006Global Warming

Here’s a great article by that title from our friend and scientist from the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University, Bob Carter, in Australia’s On Line Opinion. (Wow — they tolerate dissent Down Under — more than they do here, we guess.) Apparently the movie just opened in Australia (Al burned more carbon by going there, of course), and it coincided with a meeting in Sweden on climate change. Some nuggets from Carter’s piece:

“From the papers presented [at the meeting], as indeed from Mr Gore’s film, it is clear that the alarmist case for dangerous global warming rests on circumstantial evidence, unsubstantiated computer models and green political activism.”

And there’s this:

“But there is also an important political conclusion to be drawn from the Stockholm climate meeting. It is that carbon taxes and other measures based upon the supposition that dangerous human-caused global warming is underway are quite unable to be justified from the scientific evidence presently to hand.”

Bob better be careful or he’s liable to get sued by Fidel Lockyer out in California, or subject to a little Star Chamber treatment by the lefties. We post it here as just one more reminder that there’s actually another — and growing — side to the hysteria.

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  • Ben Blankenship says:

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