A Bazillion Fun Facts About Manufacturing

By October 8, 2006General

Behold our latest edition of “Facts About Modern Manufacturing.” This has become something of a best-seller here in Washington and around the manufacturing corral. This book is chuck a block with fun facts about manufacturing — our contribution to the economy, to innovation, our challenges. If you want a hard copy, drop us an e-mail, but you can peruse it by clicking here. Here’s a link to the table of contents.

It’s nicely done and well put together by Bill Canis at the Manufacturing Institute, with input from economists Dave Huether and Chi Nguyen and some expert design work by the NAM’s award-winning design team: Irina Stepanova, Ronni Hutchason and James Skelly.

Why not pick up a copy and send it to your Member of Congress, so they can bone up on it before coming back to work?