Wrecking the Buzz: Oceans Are Cooling

By September 22, 2006Global Warming

Here’s this tidbit from MSNBC’s site, borrowing from a LiveScience article by Sara Goudarzi, noting that ocean temperatures have cooled of late, thereby totally wrecking the global warming buzz. This just when Richard Branson is committing $3 billion to fight it. Maybe he’s having an instant impact. He’s good that way. Heck, maybe he can save some of the $3 billion and put it into – dunno — hunger? Nutrition? AIDS?

In any event, there’s more pretzel logic here where folks try to explain that the cooling is actually caused by — or evidence of — warming. Or something. Says the article, “The temperature drop, a small fraction of the total warming seen in the last 48 years, suggests that global warming trends can sometimes take little dips.”

What do you call it when trends take “little dips”? When do enough “little dips” render the trend not a trend?

Always with the questions.

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