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By September 28, 2006Cool Stuff Being Made

We had an opportunity to meet up with Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit earlier this week at a panel discussion hosted by Pajamas Media at the National Press Club. We mentioned our Web site CoolStuffBeingMade and it must have made an impression upon him because he linked to us. Thanks Glenn!

For all of you who are new to our site, we want to say “Welcome!” On CoolStuffBeingMade, you’ll find a new video every Saturday. If you forget to check back every Saturday, then subscribe to the CoolStuffBeingMade feed. We publish our videos in windows streaming media and (for all you Mac fans), also an MP4 video podcast feed.

We started Cool Stuff Being Made as a service to the public to illustrate that people still make things in America; that products don’t just drop out of the sky. It’s grown into the Internet’s largest collection of videos of how things made. As you scroll through the category you’ll see we’ve got products ranging from how aluminum cans are made to how we make the Campbell’s soup that goes into those cans…and most everything in between. You’ll surely find something for the whole family. For all theKenny Chesney fans, we even have a video on how tractors are made! If there’s something here that we don’t have, let us know and we’ll search our archives and find it.

If you’re not interested in how things are made, but care about business issues like Global Warming, Unions, or even Lou Dobbs, you’ll find our site to be great place to hang out, too.

Special thanks to our blog technical guy, PJ Doland, who helped us come up with this idea and to the Webcast Group that keeps our streaming media costs affordable.

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  • Scott Frederick says:

    Thanks for the welcome. I wouldn’t have heard about all the neat stuff here without having heard about it today on instapundit.

    I’ll have to share this with all my friends and all those who have children.

    This site is cool!!!