UnionFacts vs. Your DMV

By September 5, 2006Labor Unions

The folks over at Unionfacts.com have done it again. We have noted previously their eye-catching ads. So, here’s a link to their latest offering.

Remember when Newt Gingrich once remarked that in America there are two clocks: one for the private sector where you get impatient after 90 seconds and the other clock for the public sector which moves in fifteen minute increments? (“You say to yourself, I am going to the DMV, I think I’ll take a book.”)

Well, this ad illustrates that point exactly. The Unionfacts folks managed to bring a hidden camera inside the DMV and film what really is going on. Click here and check it out and see for yourself. Previously Unionfacts has taken on the AFL-CIO and won decisively. Now, they are going after your local DMV…anybody wanna guess who’s gonna win?

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