Thoughts on Taxes from a Potential Democrat Committee Chair

By September 21, 2006General

Here’s a Bloomberg story that made the rounds of the blogosphere yesterday, House Ways & Means Committee ranking member Charlie Rangel (D-NY) opining on his agenda should the Dems win control of the House. Some excerpts:

“Rangel’s accession to the chairmanship of the committee would likely end six years of tax cuts by the Republican- controlled Congress. He said he ‘cannot think of one’ of President George W. Bush’s first-term tax cuts that merit renewal.”

On Social Security, Rangel said, “If they want to get [Social Security individual accounts] on the agenda, they better take privatization off the table.” He also said supporters could “forget about” repealing the death tax.

Here’s a list of current House and Senate Committee Chairs and potential Democrat Committee Chairs, and their NAM Vote ratings.