The Week Ahead: Update of 2003 Cost Study

By September 25, 2006General

It’s been almost three years since we issued our landmark study that showed that we suffer a 22% non-wage disadvantage vs. our trading partners — no, make that “competitors” — in areas like energy, legal costs, and taxes.

That study has been updated and as Bill Canis noted below, we are issuing the new findings on Wednesday of this week. The last study ended up getting literally thousands of press and Congressional mentions. We expect this one will, too, and hopefully will lay the groundwork for efforts to drive those costs down.

Here’s a link to our announcement. Drop us an e-mail if you’re interested in attending the event. Wanna guess which way the costs have gone in the past 3 years…?

We’ll be posting a copy of the full study in this space on Wednesday.