The Week Ahead: Congress Returns

By September 5, 2006General

This week Congress returns after quite a long, uh, “District Work Period.” We know they’ve been hearing from manufacturers and manufacturing employees while they’ve been home, and that’s all good. Let’s hope they’re primed for action on a few key issues:

— Energy: Remember both the House and Senate have passed energy bills allowing exploration of the Outer Continental Shelf. Now it’s time to reconcile those bills and get it done. Click here to weigh in.

— R&D Tax Credit: This credit has now expired — and been renewed — a dozen times. It is currently expired, awaiting Congressional action. research and development is the lifeblood of manufacturing. We need to be able to plan — and to innovate — and this credit needs to be renewed. Click here to send a note.

We’ll be writing more on both of these issues, but as this is the first day back for a lot of you, we just want to caution everyone to take it a little slow, don’t pull a muscle. (You have a lot of reading, below, to catch up on….) But do take this opportunity to weigh in with your members of Congress if you didn’t get a chance to do so while they were back home.