The WaPo and Labor Day

By September 4, 2006General

There they go again, the WaPo in their annual Labor Day editorial, invoking out of context what Treasury Secretary Paulson said, to make it sound like somethign he didn’t say. They have editorialized on this before, claiming that Paulson’s talking about income inequality and workers being left behind. If you read the speech (on which the Post relies) you’ll see that he’s saying that health care costs and energy costs are taking a bigger bite out of workers’ paychecks. We happen to agree and said as much in our Annual Labor Day Report. It’s why real compensation is up but real wages are down.

If the Post is really interested in income equality and in putting more jingle in workers’ pockets, they ought to be focused on finishing the energy bill in the Congress. Boosting domestic supplies will bring down prices for workers and businesses alike. That’s where the WaPo — and the Congress — ought to be placing their focus in the weeks ahead.