The NAM, Making Lots of News on Labor Day

By September 6, 2006General

We started our annual Labor Day Report almost nine years ago now, after realizing that the Labor Day weekend was a three-day free shot by the union skates, to say any outrageous thing they wanted to say, and to issue gloomy studies — always with the gloomy studies these guys. And so we began the NAM Labor Day Report, thinking that we might be able to gain back a little turf from the bad guys and maybe even set the record straight, get the truth out there a little bit.

Well, we’d have to say this has been a huge success. Click here to see a list of all the outlets that ran a story about our report. Thanks to a great report by economist (and fellow blogger) Dave Huether and a great press shop — every bit labor’s equal — we were able to blanket the country. Still, it’s amazing to see how many publications still opted to publish the AFL-backed whiny EPI study. It’s actually a good way to see where your local newspaper stands politically (in case you didn’t know): Did they run ours, both, or just the whiny one? It’ll give you a window to their soul.

So congrats again to John Engler and the great NAM team for once again hitting it out of the park on Labor Day. Oh, and here’s a link to our report.