The Cardinal Joins the Blogosphere

By September 22, 2006General

We constantly run into folks who — having discovered our blog — say, “Manufacturers have a blog?!?” They seem truly astonished — that is until we ‘splain to them that everything cool and hip and cutting edge comes from manufacturers.

Well, however shocked people are to find manufacturers blogging, we think we’ve been outdone by His Eminence Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston. According to this story in the Boston Globe (passed along to us by Cardinal-wannabe Dorothy Coleman), the good Cardinal will be starting a blog for a trip to Rome:

“O’Malley,” says Globe reporter Michael Paulson, “is planning to file items at least once a day during a 10-day trip to Rome that begins [September 21] and will consider making the blog permanent, depending on how the experiment goes.”

We linked to the Vatican website a little while ago — which is a pretty good website, actually. We suggested selling indulgences as a way to raise a little revenue, don’t think anyone’s taken the bait just yet. (It’s a Catholic thing, you wouldn’t understand). But we never expected that we’d be joined in the blogosphere by a real live Cardinal.

So let’s give a shout-out to Cardinal O’Malley and provide you this link to his blog. We can only wonder: Can a MySpace page be far behind…?

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