The Cafferty File or the X-Files? Which Is Jack Reading From?

By September 12, 2006Energy

This is one of these priceless items to clip ‘n save when you’re having a bad day and need a good laugh. Thank God for CNN journalist/commentator/pundit wannabe Jack Cafferty.

Proving once again why CNN still is in second place in the ratings comes this item from Cafferty:

“You could also wonder if the oil companies might not be pulling the price of gas down to help Republicans get re-elected in the midterm elections a couple of months away.”

I’m speechless. I don’t know where to even begin. Note to Jack: The recent drop in gas prices has nothing to do with the upcoming elections and everything to do with the fact that angst over a possible severe hurricane season (which has yet to happen) resulted in greater supplies of gasoline being refined, which are now coming to market without the anticipated disruption in supply.

This article from the Miami Herald quotes the American Petroleum Institute’s Rayola Dougher who notes:

“Fundamentally, prices are lower because we’re at the end of the summer season…demand has been coming down, supply has been plentiful. We’ll have to see how low crude will go.”

I don’t know about you but I’m putting my money on the API’s explanation rather than Cafferty’s. Looks like that ol’ supply and demand law is still true.

Making this mistake once is bad enough. But for Jack, his conspiracy theories appear to be a running theme. He first mentioned it on an August 30th edition of The Situation Room and again on September 2nd on CNN’s In the Money.

Queue X-Files theme.

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  • Daisy says:

    I watch you and Blitzer every night.Could we ask Peter Pace why he never looks up when he speaks. I for one kinda of like to look into people’s eyes And I wonder if he has been intimidated by your President and only says what has been put in front of him.

  • Michael J. Bilicko says:

    If you good folks out there in the heartland really think the oil companies will not lower prices so the republicans can look good in ’08, then I really feel sorry for you.
    We will have a dictator in the good ole U S of A real soon.
    Those of us who are not arrested immediately will attempt to form an army of citizens to try to take back the country from the likes of Bush and his sons, and their ultra wealthy brethern.
    Their army will be composed of at least 70 percent illegals who speak no, or little, english. The remaining 30 percent will be of traitors on the payroll of the “New World Order”.
    Don’t laugh too hard. You’ll have a shitfit when it happens. Then you will have plenty time to think about what you did not do to thwart it, while in prison.
    Stay tuned.
    Michael Bilicko
    Delta, Colorado

  • steve mitchell says:

    jack,i listen to your comments almost nightly do you thank any one at the white house listen to your show ,or they tuned in to their friends at fox. jack at least your program tells the truthnothing but the truth . keep up the heat on these lires

  • Shifaw says:

    You, Jack, Wolf, Lou, John R., John k., Jamie, Bill, Paula, and others are the greatest journalists of all times. You changed America when the people who watched you rejected the Republicans. Sorry that you could not change one man, Bush. He believes that he is more smart than 300 million people. Nevermind, you can only change a rational person, not irrational.



  • Basil Iampietro says:

    Dear Jack, I love your and lou dobbs comments of what we the people are facing and will for tne next 2 years. Give them hell, and get them all the hell out. I am ready to do that. I hope the free people of the U.S. wake up and read the costitution. It is our country ,

  • Of course it can be nothing but paranoid silliness to suspect that oil companies would manipulate gas prices to aid the election of Republicans who would continue current Bush policies. No oil companies have ever manipulated prices before, there have never been close ties between oil companies and this administration, and this administration has never done anything to aid oil companies. And for one million dollars, I will sign over to you sole interest in the immense oil reserves in my closet.

  • Brenda says:

    The economy: Working class Americans are suffering under this administration. Nothing has been done by the Republican ran Senate and Concress to meet the most basic needs of the majority of Americans. I hope that this time we will see through all the BS.