Steve Irwin, R.I.P.

By September 4, 2006Miscellaneous

We just want to add our voice — and condolences — to the many things being written about the passing of Steve Irwin today. We lost count of how many hours of his show we watched, glued like to many others to “Croc Week” and the other 51 weeks as well. (In fact, sharp-eyed blog readers will notice that we have frequently invoked his famous, “Crikey!”) Much will be written about his last news splash — the apparent carelessness with his new baby around the crocodiles with whom he kept company. But we will put that in the proper context of a life spent in the enthusiastic hunt for thrill and adventure and — more importantly — bringing all that home to those of us afraid of spiders (much less crocodiles), happy to be on the couch, watching from afar.

It is ironic that he should leave this earth on the day when Americans celebrate Labor Day. Here was a guy who embodied the spirit of the day: He not only had a great work ethic, but he had boundless enthusiasm for the work he did. For those of us who push words or numbers or policy, it is hard to maintain the same adrenaline levels. But Steve Irwin was a guy whose boundless love for his job was quite truly infectious. No one who watched his show even a single time was ever in doubt about that.

“Too fast to live,” sang the Eagles of James Dean, “Too young to die.” the same can be said of Steve Irwin. The world will be a quieter, far less interesting place without him.

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  • Jackie says:

    Steve Irwin was one of the greatest conservationists of all time. He was the reason I became a fan of Animal Planet. I learned so much from him. He was absolutely amazing. I often wondered if there was any animal on earth he was unfamiliar with. The world lost a great man, and truly, he was one of a kind. May God bless and keep his family and comfort them in their time of sorrow.

  • Jordan rad says:

    steve irwin was an inspirational man and has taught adults and children alike about many of the world greastest animals he was born a `croc’ hunter and died a `croc’ hunter he was an was in truth a truly great man and the world is a sadder place 4 having lost him RIP STEVE IRWIN MY HEART GOES OUT 2 HIM AND HIS FAMILY JORDAN AGED 14

  • Julie S.K. Deuel says:

    I’m a young – adult with special – needs . Many ” experts ” , say that kids like me , can’t learn ! Guess what ? I learned from Steve Irwin ! To me he was a fabulous teacher of animal conservation ! Thank you Steve , for making the world your classroom ! Peace Be With You ! To his wife Terry , Father Wesley , eight – year – old – daughter Bindi , and two – year – old – son Robert , we send you our heartfelt prayers and condolences ! We both support and grieve Steve’s loss along with the four of you , and we ask God to watch over you and give you strength in this time of un – speakable tragedy and sadness ! Best Wishes , Julie S.K. Deuel .

  • grant ayres says:

    i loved watching steve irwins tv programs i am going to miss watching them now but R.I.P steve

  • Martina says:

    I started watching Steve as soon as we got animal planet on cable, I grew to be a fan of his work and soon after, a fan of the person he was, including Terry. I watched the family of Australia zoo evolve as well as his own family. I admired him tremendously for his passion and message.
    He let us not only learn about wildlife, but who he was as a person. He truly was a wonderful, kind, and beautiful man, who did his all for animals that could not speak for themselves. He taught the world so much, and was a true treasure to us all for sharing his knowlege and love for wildlife with the rest of us.
    I still can’t believe what happened.
    My heartfelt condolences go out to Terry, Bindi, baby Bob, Bob (his father) Wes and all his family and friends at Australia zoo and around the world.
    You will be missed forever Steve. I will always remember you.

  • Steve was a brilliant showman, he will be sadly missed.