Smartest Damned Blog Readers on the Planet, v. 7 or 8

By September 3, 2006General

Here’s the latest entry in our semi-regular series pointing out that we do have the smartest damned blog readers on the planet. The reason is that we have a disproportionate share of manufacturers reading the blog, so we have an unfair advantage.

Here’s this comment posted to our entry below, “California Tumbles Into the Sea“, a reply to someone who thought California’s foray into the global warming hysteria was just fine:

“How shall companies, particularly small manufacturing companies, absorb these costs?

…[T]here is no current science to replace fossil fuels in the scale needed to reduce these emissions substantively. So, you get a bill that requires a reduction, with no science and no funding to make it happen. Think like a business owner — is a sunny climate worth the aggravation? Or do you just move somewhere with fewer requirements?

California has much cleaner air now than 30 years ago, but no longer leads in business development. Last time I checked, people still needed jobs to live. Bills like this one will drive more business out of California and further the gulf between the rich and the poor, who will lose one more rung in the ladder of success,”

Our sentiments exactly.