Set Shrill Volume at 11

By September 13, 2006General

The left let fly a full volley of invective against Susan Dudley yesterday, attacking the President’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) at the OMB as “unfit,” extreme, zealous, radical, cozy with industry, on and on and on.

Well, that’s a relief. The NAM has taken no position on Dudley’s nomination, but we’d be worried about any OIRA nominee who was not vociferously condemned by Public Citizen, OMB Watch or the Natural Resources Defense Council, who all swim quite comfortably in the portside political waters. (Ahoy! There, beyond the mainstream!)

Stephen Barr, the Washington Post’s Federal Diary columnist, has a fair-minded summary of the predictable contretemps in today’s paper, including this comment from Jonathan H. Adler, co-director of the Center for Business Law and Regulation at Case Western Reserve University’s law school. Adler said Dudley has “generally liked free-market solutions to things” and “is skeptical of one-size-fits-all” regulations. Sounds pretty good to us.

And why is it that these “public interest groups” remind us of Nigel in Spinal Tap when it comes to gradations of political rhetoric?

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