Report from America: Gaithersburg, Maryland

By September 26, 2006Report from America

Report from AmericaYou know we like to do these “Reports from America” whenever we travel outside the Washington Beltway. Well, last night we traveled outside the Washington Beltway, but we did it by car, and were only about 10 miles outside the Beltway, but it qualifies, right?

We got invited to address a group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology — otherwise known as “NIST.” They were having a forum on innovation and competitiveness and so we went up to give our spiel on manufacturing.

We promised them we’d post our slides on the blog today so here they are. Unfortunately, by the time your read this they will already be dated in that the cost figures are from our old study. The new data was embargoed until 9 a.m. today, so we couldn’t use it. It would have painted a more dire picture.

In any event, thanks to the irrepressible Nina McClellan of NIST and Mike Taubitz of GM for the invite and for hosting. You can’t help but feel the manufacturing vibe at NIST.

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    I wasn’t able to access the slides —I also tried to cut and paste the url and it didn’t work.

    can you assist