Oh Great — Now India Can Drill For Oil In the Gulf, Too

By September 12, 2006General

Thanks to many sharp-eyed blog readers, we were among the first on the story about Cuba being able to drill for oil off US shores while we can’t. In fact, we even beat the vaunted — and liberal — New York Times on that story. You’ll recall that we’re the only country that limits access to its own natural resources.

Later, the news got worse: Cuba was partnering with fierce US competitor China to tap these same stores of energy off shore. Still no movement from the US Congress.

Now comes the story that India is now the latest US competitor to partner with Cuba to drill in their waters. According to Bloomberg, this is part of Cuba’s efforts “to become oil self-sufficient” in the coming years. What a concept.

The energy bill is languishing in the US Congress. Please click here to tell you Representative and Senators to get to work reconciling the two bills — House and Senate versions — and get a final bill passed. Let’s tap our own resources before Cuba sells it all.