NAM to Congress: Get Energy Bill Done!

By September 15, 2006Energy

Here’s a copy of the letter we sent to the House (a similar one went to the Senate) yesterday, urging them to finish the job and get an energy bill done. It’s co-signed by us, the AF&PA, ACC and AGA. Remember the House and Senate both passed an energy bill. Now it’s time for them to reconcile the differences and get a final bill to the President’s desk. Both the House and Senate bills would open up over 8 million acres of our own resources. Do you think any other country would have these supplies and not tap ’em? If you said “No,”, you guessed right.

So click here to weigh in on this issue, too. These folks in Congress are in a sprint now, not a marathon, as they’ll only be in session for a little while longer. Time to let them know what’s happening to your energy prices, tell them to move this one to the front burner.