More ‘Union Facts’

By September 20, 2006Labor Unions

Wanted to write a little more on the Wall Street Journal editorial from yesterday. It really was astonishing — even to crusty old folks like us who aren’t easily shocked. The sheer level of members’ hard-earned dues that’s being wasted by the unions is outrageous.

Keep in mind that most polls showed that somewhere around 40% of union members did not vote for John Kerry in the last election. Who’s representing their interests? And, you see all the lefty groups that labor funds — again, all with their members’ hard-earned dues.

There were a few more points in this quite lengthy piece which we didn’t mention in yesterday’s post. Among them:

— “The IRS may also want to inspect these forms,” said the Journal, “That’s because, prior to the new LM-2 disclosure rules, at least a dozen large unions had told the tax agency that they spent nothing on politics. The National Education Association’s 2004 tax return, for instance, left blank the line for “direct or indirect political expenditures.” Yet according to its LM-2, the NEA spent $25 million on such activities from September 2004 to August 2005.”

— “The LM-2 forms show that some 1,015 paid union officers and employees devoted more than 90% of their time to political activities. Combined, these folks took home compensation worth nearly $53 million. Some 1,755 union personnel spent at least 50% of their time on political activities and lobbying.”

If the union skates continue to insist that workers are working harder and harder and falling farther and farther behind, maybe its because their own unions are fleecing them out of substantial dues, to support candidates and causes anathema to the members.

Every union member who asks for their Beck money back is taking a step toward returning the labor movement to its roots.