More Media Imbalance on Global Warming

By September 29, 2006Global Warming

We know the WaPo long ago lost any semblance of balance when it comes to the theory of global warming. They wrote this editorial yesterday and if we weren’t so busy with the NAM Board of Directors meeting we would have written on it then.

There’s this “new” study out that supposedly shows the globe is the warmest ever. Pardon the pun, but it’s not really new, it’s just, well, re-heated. But there are a bunch of sites that doubt it and some are pretty wonky. This one, by a Harvard professor, notes that whenever Jim Hansen writes a paper, the media descends like a horde and promotes the heck out of it. He pokes holes in it and in a post right before, points out that the temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere are actually dropping. Let’s ignore that, shall we?
This one, from Steve McIntyre is similarly wonky and presents a blizzard of data to debunk this latest study.

Finally, for the less wonky, is Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), Chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. This is a guy who actually knows something about climate change. Carter Wood wrote on his recent floor speech a day or two ago. So what did the MSM do with his torrent of info rebutting climate change? Well, CNN for its part blistered him. He’s undercutting their dogma, after all. Again, these folks have lost all semblance of fairness. And so Inhofe blasted back, pointing out the obvious flaws in CNN’s story. Good for him.

We’re sure if we had the time we can fins plenty of sites that are debunking this latest study, but we’ll leave it at this. Just want to remind our friends in the MSM that there is another side to this story.