Micron Technology’s Manufacturing Boom

By September 26, 2006General

Great story in the Business section of yesterday’s WaPo by Cecilia Kang about Micron Technology’s decision to locate its plant in Manassas, Virginia, outside Washington DC. As you can see from the article, this decision to locate some 800 jobs has had an enormous economic impact on the region.

People often forget — or just don’t appreciate — manufacturing’s impact on the economy. Most Governors are not in doubt, however, as they get in bidding wars to attract new manufacturing facilities all the time. And you can see why. A study done by George Mason University for Micron about their impact showed that every dollar spent by Micron generated:

  • 26 to 28 cents of additional economic activity in the town of Manassas, the location of the plant;
  • 55 to 58 cents of economic activity in Prince William County, within which the plant resides;
  • $1 of economic activity statewide in Virginia.
  • The local Toyota dealership is leasing 100 cars to Micron for its employees’ use. The local sandwich shop has 10 more customers a day, by their reckoning. One study estimates that Micron’s investment has generated 1500 jobs in the retail and restaurant sectors alone

    So next time somebody tells you that manufacturing doesn’t matter, point them toward Manassas, Virginia and the great story of Micron Technology’s move to Manassas, Virginia. Manufacturing and manufacturers continue to power this economy.

    If Congress figures that out, they just might pass the energy bill.