Manufacturers Make the Case for R&D

By September 15, 2006General

It seems unbelievable in this day and age that we’d have to make the case to the Congress for extending the research and development tax credit — which has expired for like the 12th time — but make the case we did. A bunch of manufacturers large and small descended on Washington this week to personally make the case for extending (permanently) the R&D tax credit.

R&D is manufacturing’s life blood. If any elected official tells you they care about manufacturing and they haven’t done anything to get this bill passed, they’re just not telling you the truth. You can’t be for manufacturing and not be pushing this bill. We’re trying to get it permanently extended so we don’t have to go through this charade every year or so.

Here’s a copy of the letter we sent — signed by over 600 NAM companies and allied associations — calling on Congress to get this thing done, and here’s a copy of our press release from yesterday.

And, of you haven’t already done so, please click here to drop your Representative and two Senators a note.