Grandstanding, Litigiousness from California’s AG

By September 21, 2006Global Warming

California’s Attorney General Bill Lockyer filed a lawsuit yesterday against the “Bix Six” automotive companies — General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chrysler and Nissan — seeking monetary damages to compensate the state for harm caused by global warming. (Lockyer news release here.)

This is the grandest of grandstanding, combining personal preening, political overreach, shaky legal arguments, and an attempt to replace the policymaking role of the State Legislature and Congress with judicial fiat. Oh, and Lockyer is running for State Treasurer this fall.

The complaint asserts, “Human-induced global warming has, among other things, reduced California’s snow pack (a vital source of fresh water), caused an earlier melting of the snow pack, raised sea levels along California’s coastline, increased ozone pollution in urban areas, [and] increased the threat of wildfires.”


  • Well, prove it. Conclusively. Legally. Just prove it. With something other than speculative computer models.
  • Isn’t El Nino the real culprit? Why aren’t you suing the Chileans for…well, just because.
  • Carbon dioxide emitted from autos are to blame, supposedly. California’s 36 million people exhale CO2. Watch out.
  • Any other manufacturers producing carbon dioxide? Let’s start a list.
  • Why isn’t there a request for a cease and desist order? Stop driving, and you manufacturers, stop making cars. Right now. Lest you cause more harm.
  • Black humor aside, this is a serious matter and serious Californians will reject Lockyer’s actions as disastrous to the state’s economic future. Auto manufacturers are constantly exploring sites for news plants, and you can bet they’re crossing California off their lists right now.

    Lockyer reminds us of the kid who scuttles up behind a car, smashes a potato into the exhaust pipe, and then scurries away, delighted with himself. Yeah, you stop emissions that way, but the car just doesn’t run anymore.

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    • Rico567 says:

      ALL auto manufacturers, not just the “big six,” should immediately embargo CA. No shipments, no how, no way. All manufacturers with plants in CA should give everyone two weeks’ notice tomorrow morning. Then just sit back and watch the fur fly….

    • Claire says:

      Yanno… I’d quit shipping *any cars* to CA were I in the “Big Six’s” position. I bet it would take nary a week before Lockyer became a greasy spot on the heel of the CMCDA.

    • Van Helsing says:

      Just as farmers of the past had to contend with swarms of locusts, present-day manufacturers are confronted with pathologically greedy lawyers and bureaucrats. If California can do to the auto industry what trial lawyers did to Dow Corning, the state will be in the black for years. Until the entire economy collapses.

    • Chris says:

      Do you think it could be all the hot air, and not the cars that have melted the snowpack