Good Onya, Ai!

By September 30, 2006General

Had a good meeting yesterday with Stephen Smith and Sharon Cullen from the Australian Industry Group, known to the Aussies as “Ai,” essentially our Australian counterpart. They’re on a 7-day whirlwind tour of the states that includes New York, New Hampshire, DC, Chicago and LA, among other places. They’re collecting info from us on some best practices in the area of non-dues revenue products.

They also came to talk about blogging, believe it or not. Somehow our humble little blog has made it all the way Down Under. We know our friend Bob Carter (we’ll be posting something form him here soon) is there, and apparently we have a few more Aussie readers. Who knew? They wanted to talk to us about it: the hows, the whys, the results. We happily obliged.

The Aussies are simpatico with us on any number of fronts, have been great US allies. Recall that they also did not sign the Kyoto treaty (the one that failed 95-0 in the US Senate during Bill Clinton’s years). They also have a slew of new labor laws that we can only covet here. One, for example, allows private contracts with individual employees to trump collective bargaining agreements with established unions. Must make the unions happy. We’ll fill you in on some other Aussie innovations in the workplace as we learn about them.

So we just wanted to give Stephen and Sharon a little shout, say, “good onya” to them and wish them safe travels. Here’s a link to the Ai site.