GE Starts A Blog

By September 28, 2006General

Our friends at General Electric (GE) have started a blog. And, since one good blog deserves another, we wanted to provide a shout out to them and encourage y’all to check it out.

You may recall a few months back that the GE research division started a blog called “From Edison’s Desk.” Well, here’s more proof that this innovative company really understands how to communicate in new and innovate ways. Their new blog can be found at

GE’s blog is part of Wired’s NextFest. According to their Web site:

WIRED’s vision of a new world’s fair, WIRED NextFest is a four-day festival of innovative products and technologies that are transforming our world. Patterned on the great World’s Fairs of the past, this year’s NextFest in New York features more than 130 interactive exhibits from leading scientists and researchers around the world. Experience the future of exploration, entertainment, transportation, health, communication, design, security, and green living. Visitors of all ages are welcome.

GE is filled with ridiculously smart people, and it’s exciting that they’re allowing comments and letting their writers speak in their own voice, rather than imposing a top-down blog discipline. Also of interest is that they have over a thousand photos on an unedited Flickr stream. Let a thousand bulbs shine!

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  • SEO Articles says:

    I checked out that GE Blog and although their is a GE logo in the top left, I don’t think this is an official GE blog. Can you find any relationship between GE and this blog via their website?