Gas Prices Drop — Again

By September 19, 2006Energy

Count on us to get you the news you won’t get anywhere else. As we keep saying, when gas prices go up, they’re chronicled daily — and hysterically — in the print and broadcast news. But when prices go down, nada. And so we want to keep you informed: Gas prices are going down. Where’s the media horde?

And thanks to Andrew Cassel of the Philadelphia Inquirer for this gem, noting that if $3 gallon gasoline signaled greed by the oil companies, then a big drop from there must signal a change of heart toward altruism, right? We like Andrew Cassel — he thinks Lou Dobbs is a demagogue, too. We agree on a lot of things.

For more info on oil prices, you can go to the US Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration website, which is full of really useful data on the topic. But beware: If you’re not a believer in supply and demand, you may not like what you see.

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  • Chicagoray says:

    Thanks for the visit, and yes we are interested at my blog as well as yours in the gas price subject. The reason we hear NADA per your entry above in the MSM about this development is that the decline of energy prices does not fit the Left wing “America is in trouble, the economy sucks, Bush is bad, Ahmadinjad good, vote democrat, we have a plan” agenda.

    You know that agenda, the what’s good for Americans is baaaaaad for democrats, bad news for Americans is good news to them.

    But never fear, the left has a plan.