From Reuters: Al Gore’s Plan to Tax Emissions, and Some Sloppy Reporting

By September 19, 2006Global Warming

Don’t mean to pick on Al these days, but he’s been unusually active. Maybe global warming causes an uptick in his activity as well. In any event, here’s a Reuters article by Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss about Al Gore’s plan to replace current payroll and other taxes with an emissions tax. Says Al, “Instead of discouraging businesses from hiring more employees it would discourage business from producing more pollution.”

This will fix the payroll tax alright, and here’s how: A wacky emissions tax scheme would be such a job killer that no employer would have to worry very much about any payroll taxes at all. Problem solved.

However, along the way in the article is this howler by the reporter, who’s obviously being spoon-fed by the Gore-ists and is — like most MSM reporters — a Gore supporter: “President George W. Bush withdrew from the Kyoto pact in 2001, saying its caps on greenhouse gases would cost jobs.”

How’s that? Actually, Al Gore’s administration — the Clinton Administration — never submitted the Kyoto Protocol to the Senate for ratification. In fact, in 1997 — that would be during the same Clinton Administration, when Al Gore was President of the United States Senate — the Senate passed 95-0 a “sense of the Senate” resolution that said the US ought not sign on to anything like this, which didn’t include any targets or timetables for developing countries and which might hurt our economy.

So let us say, “No thanks” to Al’s newest inconvenient big idea and let’s send the Reuters folks back to school.

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  • fred willman says:

    What does it take for you guys to admit we face a helluva planet threat?

    You are probably among those who want to use force to strike immediately at the nation’s “enemies.” But somehow you can continue denying the climate problem.

    What are your kids and grandchildren going to say when they figure out what you’ve done or chosen not to do?

    For this moderate 72-year-old, you only increase the growing contempt for corporations and their apologists. You are the “Reds” of our time.

    Madison, WI.

  • Larry Saltzman says:

    You love to take cheap potshots at Al Gore, but all your organization seems to do is act in an obstructionist way while humanity faces the gravest crisis in the history of our species.