Friday Follies: The Weatherman and the Cockroach

By September 15, 2006Friday Follies

Friday Follies This one made the rounds this week, but was sent to us by Jen Satrom. It’s one of the most popular items on YouTube this week, we also discovered. And — is it any wonder?

It shows a weatherman in the middle of his spiel when all of a sudden he spies a cockroach (off camera, but you get the picture) and pretty much freaks out. Apparently it happens again in a later broadcast, also caught here on film. Once you see this, you’ll realize that this guy has no future in entomology.

By the way, we’re trying something new this week,i.e., embedding the videos into the site itself so all you have to do is just click the arrow to play. Give it a go, let us know how you like it.

And enjoy the weatherman and the roaches.

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