Friday Follies: Name This Gloomy Labor Day Report

By September 1, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesOnce again, the lefty labor-backed groupthink tank EPI is unleashing its annual Labor Day Report. It is, as always, full of gloom and doom. We’ll write more on it over the weekend, pointing out its many flaws. Their website really is a sad wasteland of bad news. In fact, we assumed “EPI” stood for “Eeyore’s Policy Institute”, since they’re just so darned gloomy. All their subcategories — cheery topics like minimum wage, offshoring, living wage — lead to the other side of the tracks, to the hobo’s shack. It’s all so very, very sad.

So this year, we thought maybe we could help them find a better title for their report. Just click on “Comments” below to submit your entry. Here are a few of the titles from past years. We’re working off of memory here, gang, so bear with us. They all might not be entirely accurate, but they’re close:

— “Labor Day 1998: Bad and Getting Worse”

— “Labor Day 1999: Worse and Getting Worser”

— “Labor Day 2000: We Know We Said It was Bad Last Year, But It Actually Got Much, Much Worse”

— “Labor Day 2001: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit”

— “Labor Day 2002:There’s Still Like Five People Who Aren’t Doing Well In This Economy And This is Their Story”

— “Labor Day 2003: We’ve Never Seen it This Bad”

— “Labor Day 2004: Half Empty”

— “Labor Day 2005: It’ll Probably Rain”

Your thoughts?

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