Friday Follies: Don’t Try This…

By September 8, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesThanks to Chris Satrom for this week’s entry. You can watch this short video slowly unfold. It appears to be a routine traffic stop, and you are viewing it from the camera in the police car. The officer proceeds through the routine drunk driving checks, and then it starts to get a little sketchy. Not sure at which point you realize it’s a hoax, but it struck us as pretty darned funny. This apparently is from “Reno 911“, a very funny TV shown birthed from the cult film “Super Troopers“, a film inexplicably ignored by the Academy.

And yes, before you write, we know that drunk driving is a serious topic and we’ll remind all our blog readers to drink responsibly and not to drink and drive. These are actors. No drunks were injured in the making of this clip.

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  • Lincoln says:

    “Reno 911!” was not “birthed from the cult film ‘supertroopers.'” The people who created Reno are alums of “The State” which also was the genesis of the “Stella” guys. Supertroopers was made by a different group entirely and they’re never met the Reno guys [Though that doesn’t stop them from badmouthing them in the press].
    Yes they’re both both police comedies, but the similarity ends there. Personally, I think Reno’s a lot more clever.

  • Sarah E. says:

    Reno 911 is a very hilarious show. Everyone should watch, especially you blogger-in-chief. 30 minutes of useless hysterical fun.