Friday Follies Bonus: Camel Jockeys Replaced by Robots

By September 15, 2006Friday Follies

Friday FolliesWhere’s Lou Dobbs when you need him? Here is a true story of humans being replaced by robots — Lou should be all over it. But leave it to us to break the story.

Here it is, news of the weird, out of the UAE, where camel racing is a favorite sport and camel jockeys are in demand. However, allegations have swirled for years about jockeys as young as 4 years old being kidnapped and held against their will in terrible conditions to work as jockeys. In fact, according to this story, the UAE now requires that all jockeys must be at least 18 years old. And so, a Swiss company has developed remote-controlled robot jockeys to take the place of the humans.

We can only hope someone gives this story to Lou, so he can have something new on which to bloviate. In fact, given that he does the same story night after night, and given that the blogosphere has threatened the species of journalist, do you think he could be replaced with a robot…?

We’re not that lucky.