Escalating Costs

By September 22, 2006Manufacturing Institute

Blog-Icon-MI.jpgAlmost daily, you can pick up any newspaper and read about the travails of manufacturers who are challenged by rising costs of energy, health care, taxes, regulation and/or litigation. It’s become so standard, that the average citizen probably takes it for granted that this is the American Way of hobbling business and they shrug it off.

Next week, we will release a new report that sheds new light on the rising tide of costs that affect U.S. manufacturing. And lest you think that this is the way ALL governments do it, think again, because our report compares these costs in the United States with nine major trading partners and it’s sad to say, but our country’s policies in these areas are considerably behind what the rest of the world is doing to promote manufacturing.

Our news conference on The Escalating Cost Crisis is September 27 at 9 am at the NAM. Come on over and hear about the report then and pick up a copy of it. We’ll blog on the contents later that day. If you care about the future of manufacturing, this is a must-read report.